The original concept for “Blessing, Curse or Co-incidence?” came from the short book entitled “Curse or Co-incidence?”, written by the late Joseph Hunting and published in 1969 by the David Press in Melbourne, Australia. It was in 1978, after the release of “The Last Generation” which Joseph Hunting had commissioned Hugh Kitson to make for David House Fellowship, that Hugh first had the vision to produce a film based on Joseph Hunting’s book. That year he wrote the first script for the film, which was later mislaid.

However, the vision lay dormant for many years, and it was only after the release of “Jerusalem, The Covenant City” in 2000, when Hugh and Lance Lambert began to discuss and pray about the project, that it became clear that the Lord was inspiring Hugh to make the film.

As Hugh began his research for the film in earnest, he found his focus directed towards Great Britain’s failure to implement the Balfour Declaration, as required by the Mandate, as well as her negative attitude towards Israel, and it became clear that God was commissioning a film on this very subject. “The Forsaken Promise” was the result. “The Destiny of Britain” and its sister films “From Exile to Restoration” and “The Cyrus Call” (for the USA) followed. All of these films were birthed from the original concept that is now “Blessing, Curse or Co-incidence?”

Early in 2008 Hugh and the Trustees of Hatikvah Film Trust spent time in fasting and prayer in order to seek further direction from the Lord concerning this original project. It became apparent that the Lord required this to be scaled down from its all-encompassing history of the nations and their dealings with the Jewish people, to a focus on certain specific events in history. Some foundational Biblical teaching on God’s role for Israel in bringing salvation and redemption to the world was to be included. A first draft script was written to reflect this and as further drafts of the script were developed it was decided, at the Lord’s prompting, to divide the one lengthy documentary into a trilogy of documentaries, which would be released progressively.

Volume I had its International Premiere on 16th October 2011 in Jerusalem. We await the completion of Volumes II and III.